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FOSS is free as in toilet

Excellent statement, absolutely true

Holy damn there is way more controversy in my tech news sources in the past two weeks than I care for

@stevelord ( irony being that I was specifically looking for a invite today - if you are up for inviting a rando I’d love to get one )

@stevelord ironically I’ve been forcing myself to lurk on for a year now and it’s generally been positive for me

Man if you’re into poor business viability, stupid hours and customers that give you death threats, game dev sounds awesome.

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Business idea: Find high occurrences of people saying "it's an art, not a science". Find the underlying science, exploit the intentional ignorance.

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Being old: cool, I can either let my friends down, my kids down, or my partner down. This is awesome.

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Listen these 11gb of Pokémon pictures aren’t gonna train themselves

@ninjawedding this seems like those medieval prints where Death is personified and hanging around in the background.

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