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Save “The Expanse” from cancellation

(submitted by deeths)

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bring your company's memes to the next level with Microsoft MemeBuilder Pro 2004. featuring template support and scriptable MemeLink Pro integration with your existing Active Directory meme workflows

This constitutional amendment contains bug fixes and performance improvements

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@jk @revenant
hey I made this thing
[nobody cares]
tomorrow on engadget:
some google engineer half-assed the same thing you made during their 5% time and we're reporting on it because google

friends don't let friends use custom database vendors, lookin at you

An excellent quote I’ve seen: rust is a dsl for LLVM

Wow solid April fools on today

lol - brought to you by carmel, in, that i guess represents indiana now? also brought to you by coldstone creamery and the north face probabaly as well

Diving into to figure out how to add lisp bindings for changing NSTouchBar, and I like the simplicity of DEFUN. I still have a bit to learn about marshalling data back and forth, but it should be fun.

Kickstarter seems like an excellent place to learn about the difficulties of international trade. comments are a shit show lately. I specifically didn’t try to get an account because I wanted to see the comment threads remain higher quality but recent sampling suggests has yielded pretty poor comment threads.

It's weird that cucumber fills this gap where it's absolutely faster than a human, but slow enough to get annoyed by it.

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just upgraded the mbp because omg compile time cycles on doing an android and ios app are fucking terrible. hoping the 2013 to 2017 upgrade will be worth it.

Lyft has badges? What in the ever living hell has video games done to the world

reading guide on correctly mixing running and lifting weights, and it's refreshing to just see people say "just do what makes you feel good". this hyper optimization of exercise is fucking annoying

inspired by . looking forward to twitter announcing its next streaming data pipeline as it revolutionizes the counting of words in 2019.

it's okay son, your dog went to live upstate at the apache foundation. he's happier there

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i'm fucking dying at this - deldo, teledildonics for emacs