man I really should do some personal enrichment stuff

*plays destiny 2 hardcore for 8 months*

man I love video games

The more I read from people making software for the general public and the shit they have to endure, the more just writing for yourself seems attractive.

NVIDIA: we make amazingly complex graphics cards that can trillions of operations
ALSO NVIDIA: how does package management owrk

Holy damn there is way more controversy in my tech news sources in the past two weeks than I care for

Man if you’re into poor business viability, stupid hours and customers that give you death threats, game dev sounds awesome.

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Business idea: Find high occurrences of people saying "it's an art, not a science". Find the underlying science, exploit the intentional ignorance.

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Being old: cool, I can either let my friends down, my kids down, or my partner down. This is awesome.

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Listen these 11gb of Pokémon pictures aren’t gonna train themselves

“Recently I took a break from my Krav Maga and speed racing classes to study theoretical physics...” omg we fucking get it dude, no need for your digressions to include your self esteem resume

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where can I find people who have unnecessarily strong opinions about pizza, I have been looking forward to listening to hourlong diatribes all week

Ooh I know, I'll start a raspberry pi project, these are cheap

*all money goes to adafruit*

oh cool, this is a reasonable thing to do, definitely not burning through cash here

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